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Give. For A Better Us.

GIVEIn 2018, your support is needed to reach our goal of raising funds to ensure that everyone, regardless of age, income, or background has the opportunity to be healthy and thrive, to connect with others, and to contribute to a better community. Every day, our community faces new challenges. Your gift can help Bucks County and everyone in it shine.

The Y We See

You see children swimming. We see our mission to ensure that children are safe around water by the end of second grade.
You see adults drinking coffee. We see a program where active older adults can get out of their homes, socialize and be safe.
You see women taking a group ex class. We see a cancer survivor rebuilding her strength in our THRIVE cancer wellness program.

Ways to Give

Gifts of Cash
A gift of cash is available immediately for Lower Bucks Family YMCA's use and in most cases is 100% deductible for donors who itemize deductions*. Your check should be made payable to Lower Bucks Family YMCA.

Pledges are accepted with a signed letter of intent and payable over three years.

Gifts of Securities
Increasingly, donors are using appreciated securities – including publicly traded and privately held stock and mutual funds – to make gifts to Lower Bucks Family YMCA.  This method of giving allows the donor to take a charitable deduction for the full current value of appreciated securities held longer than one year and avoid paying the capital gains tax that would be due if the donor sold the securities.  Please contact Virginia Doyle, Chief Financial Officer at 215.348.8131 x1134 for securities transfer information.

IRA Charitable Rollover
Donors can give up to $100,000 per year, for the current tax year, from their IRAs and exclude the distribution from income. Donor must be at least 70 › on the date of the gift to a public charity.

Gifts of Real Estate
Real estate, such as a piece of land, a house or a farm, may be given outright, in which case Lower Bucks Family YMCA will sell the property and use the proceeds for purposes designated by the donor.  Any appreciated value is not usually subject to federal capital gains tax, and a substantial charitable deduction may be claimed.

Please connect with Virginia Doyle, Chief Financial Officer x1134 for more information or specific instructions regarding any of these types of gifts.

*Always contact your financial and/or tax advisor for specific deductibility implications.




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We believe that to bring about meaningful change in individuals and communities, we must be focused and accountable. At the Y, we measure the success of our cause by how well we engage communities in our three areas of focus.