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YOUTH FITNESSIt's never too early to exercise and be healthy! A mainstay of YMCA offerings for young people, youth sports and fitness fill kids' discretionary hours with positive activities and caring adult attention. These programs emphasize teamwork and cooperation as well as developing good values.


ZUMBA® KIDS | AGES 4-10 Meets in Multi Purpose Room

Designed exclusively for kids, Zumba® Kids classes are rockin’, high-energy fitness parties packed with specially choreographed routines and all the music kids love, like hip-hop, Reggaeton, Cumbia and more.

TWEEN FITNESS CLASS | AGES 10-12 | Meets in Fitness Center 

Teaches the fundamentals of exercise including weight training, cardiovascular training and how to warm-up and cool down properly. Classes begin the first Wednesday and Saturday of the month. Completion of this class is required to use the Fitness Center with a parent’s supervision.

TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT TRAINING | YOUTH AGES 10-15 | Meets in Functional Fitness Center

This class focuses on cardio and strength-conditioning using battle ropes, slam balls, TRX and kettlebells during the workout session. Participants will learn proper ways to warm up and stretch to minimize risk of injury and develop a strong fitness foundation.

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE | AGES 7-15 | Meets in Fitness Center

Drills, tempo runs, speed/track workouts, hill work and endurance spacing. Importance of warming up and recovery will be covered.

CARDIO CRAZE | AGES 9-15 | Meets in Studio 1

Interval and circuit training used to enhance cardiovascular conditioning. Maximum intensity exercises to alternate between the aerobic and anaerobic thresholds. Routines vary week to week.

YOUTH KICKBOXING | AGES 9-15 Meets in Studio 1 

Cardiovascular class introducing classic kickboxing moves from the jab to a round house kick and everything in between. Develop amazing coordination and balance.

KIDS TRATHLON CLASS | AGES 9-15 | Meets in Fitness Center

Focuses on skills specific to swimming, biking and running along with transition nutrition and race preparation. On Week 8 we will host a mini-triathlon, combining all 3 disciplines.


An indoor cycling class created to challenge both the beginner fitness enthusiast and the seasoned athlete. Kids can participate in this class with an adult and must fit comfortably on bike.


Anything goes! Bring the whole family for fitness, obstacle courses, circuits, games, dancing and more.


A platform to help your child achieve balanced health with the understanding of weight training in the safest, most efficient manner. Call Fitness Center to schedule x28.



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